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Harding Catering provides event catering in Caledonia, MS. Harding Catering has catered special events for families, corporate executives, famous entertainers, men and women of the military and legendary athletes. If you are planning a wedding, anniversary, an elegant party, or a corporate event, call Harding Catering for professional catering services you can depend on.

Catering Company - Caledonia, MS - Harding Catering

Our services include:

  • Custom weddings
  • Receptions
  • Elegant parties
  • Corporate events and more

Contact Harding Catering today at 662-356-9296 for all of your Caledonia, MS catering needs.

Harding Catering270 Jack Wiggins Rd Caledonia,  MS  39740
Harding Catering
270 Jack Wiggins Rd
Caledonia, MS 39740